1968             BA Design, American University, Washington, DC, USABA Design

1973             Instituto De Allende, San Miguel De Allende, Mexico


Solo Exhibitions     

2014             Half-Full, Sienna Patti Contemporary, Lenox, MA, USA  

                     On The Road, Gallery Lulo, Healdsburg, CA, USA

2007            Loupe Gallery, Montclair, NJ, USA

                     Lill Street Art Center, Chicago, IL, USA

2006            Jewelry, Synderman-Works Galleries, Philadelphia, PA, USA

2005            Contemporary Art Jewelry, Sherrie Gallerie, Columbus, OH, USA

2003            Black & White,  Martina & Co., Providence, RI, USA

2002            Objects Of Desire, Louisville, KY, USA

                     Cervini Haas, Scottsdale, AZ, USA



2018            By Hand: An International Fine Crafts Biennale, Blue Line Arts, Roseville, CA

                    “A Jewel of a Lake” , Fondazione Cominelli, de Desenza, Italy , curator Helen Drutt

                   ”Vitraria Gallery, Venice Glass Week, Italy, curator Clara Ruggiero

                    Sherrie Galleria, Columbus, Ohio

                   “El Pasado que Sostiene el Presente: Encuentros entre Joyeria Contemporánea y las Colecciones del Museo”, Museo Franz Mayer,

                    Mexico City, Mexico, curators Lorena Lazard & Raymon Puig Cuyas 

2017            Rooted, Revived, Reinvented Basketry in America, Museum of Art and Archaeology, U of MO       

                    Galerie Noel Guymarch, Montreal, Canada  

                    An Exuberance of Color, Curator Gail Brown, Landmarks Arts Gallery, Lubbock TX                                               

2016            Exhibition in Motion, SNAG Conference, Asheville, NC

                    12 Voices, International Jewelry, Bender Gallery, Asheville, NC

                    The Box, The Center for Craft, Creativity & Design, curator Platforma, Asheville, NC 

                    Internationalen Handwerksmesse München, Schmuck 2016, Munich, Germany

2015            All that Glitters, Petaluma Art Center, Petaluma, CA

                    Glass Weekend, Hedone Gallery, Wheaton Village, Millerton, NJ                             

                    New Acquisitions:Contemporary Art Jewelry, Racine Art Museum, Racine, WI, USA

                    The Jeweler's Journey, curators Kristal Romano & Brienne Rosner, Sally Francisco Gallery, Layton, NJ, USA

                    Material Location, curator Susie Silbert, Urban Glass, Brooklyn, NY, USA

2014            HO!HO!HO!, Friends of Carlotta, Bruna Hauprt Galerie, Zurich, Switzerland

                    Chain Gang, Shaw Gallery, Northeast Harbor, ME, USA

                    The Earring Show2, Velvet da Vinci, San Francisco, CA, USA

                    Gold as Gold, Craft Alliance, St.Louis, MO, USA  

                    Louder than Words, Facere Gallery, Seattle, WA, USA

                    50/50,The Gray Gallery, ECU University, EC, USA

2012            Transformation 8:Contemporary Works in Small Metals, Society of Contemporary Craft, Pittsburgh, PA , USA

                    From the Ridiculous to the Sublime, Florida Craftsman Gallery, St Petersburg, FL, USA

2011             Crossing Lines-Many Faces of Fiber, Curator Rebecca AT Stevens, Courtyard Gallery, WFC, NY,USA  

                    In Line/In Metal:, Aaron Faber, New York, NY, USA

2010            Celebrating 70, Facere Gallery, Seattle, WA, USA

                    Circle 'Round Your Finger 2010, Shaw Gallery, Northeast Harbor, ME, USA  

                    Oro Y Negro, Shaw Gallery, Northeast Harbor, ME, USA

                    Brooching the Subject:One of the Kind, Ogden Museum of Southern Art, NOLA, USA

                    New Artists for a New Decade, Patina Gallery, Santa Fe, NM, USA

2009           Sparkle Plenty 5, Quirk Gallery, Richmond, VA, USA

                    From Minimal to Bling:Contemporary Studio Jewelry, Society of Arts and Crafts, Boston, MA, USA

                    The Stimulus Project, Sienna Gallery, Lenox, MA, USA

                    Ring Theory, Yorkshire Sculpture Park, West Bretton, Wakefield , UK

                    State of the Art, Taboo Gallery, San Diego, CA, USA

                    Jewelry At Large, Craft Alliance, St. Louis, MO, USA

                    Cut, Stitch, Fold-Paper, Aaron Faber Gallery, New York, NY, USA

                    Fresh Start, New Directions, Aaron Faber Gallery, New York, NY, USA

                    Economies of Scale, The Phoenix Gallery, New York, NY, USA

2008           Convergent, Biba Schutz & Marc Maijorana, Ogden Museum Of Southern Art, NOLA, USA

                    The Pendant Show, Velvet da Vinci, San Francisco, CA, USA

                    Collected Metal, Obsidian Gallery, Tucson, AZ, USA

                    Object And Image, Lynn Tendler Bignell Gallery, Brookfield, CT, USA

2007           Pop-Art:Champagne Uncorked, Shaw Contemporary Jewelry, Northeast Harbor, MA, USA

                    Jewelry From Painting And Architecture\, Mobilia Gallery, Cambridge, MA, USA

                    Intimate Eye, The Phoenix Gallery, New York, NY, USA

2006           Black & Gold, Sam Shaw Contemporary Gallery, Northeast Harbor, MA, USA

                    Friends Across The Ocean, Studio Fusion,  London, UK

                    Al Fresco; Enjoying The Outdoors, Racine Art Museum, Racine, WI, USA

                    Woven Together; Voices In Basketry, Yaeger Museum, Hartwick College, Oneonta, NY , USA                      

2005           Collectors Ireland, National Craft Gallery, Kilkenny, Ireland

                    Bend-Twist-Wrap,  Lynn Tendler Bignell Gallery, Brookfield, CT, USA

                    Brooches, Objects Of Desire,  Louisville, KY, USA

                    Cocktails At 5,  Facere Art Jewelry Gallery, Seattle, WA, USA

                    Brooch: The Subject, Sommerhill Gallery, Chapel Hill, NC, USA

                    Textiles,  Martina & Co., Providence, RI, USA

                    Spirals, Sam Shaw Contemporary Gallery", Northeast Harbor, ME, USA

                    Exhibition In Motion, Snag Conference, Cleveland, OH, USA

                    Gold, Silver, Platinum, American Crafts Gallery, Cleveland, OH, USA

                    100 Brooches, Velvet Da Vinci, San Francisco, CA (Traveling)USA

                    Magnificent Extravagance; Art & Opulence, Racine Art Museum, Racine, WI, USA

                    925 + Ingenuity = Art Jewelry, Society Of Arts & Crafts, Boston, MA, USA

2004           Fiber For The Future, A.I.R. Gallery, New York, NY, USA

                    Rings, Velvet da Vinci, San Francisco CA (Traveling)USA

2003           Adornments, Columbus Museum Of Art, Columbus, OH, USA

                    Planting, Potting & Pruning:Artists & The Cultivated Landscape, Racine Art Museum, Racine, WI,USA

                    Chess, Velvet Da Vinci, San Francisco, CA (Traveling)USA

                    The Hearth Of Culture: Textiles & Jewelry, Firehouse Art Center, Norman,OK, USA

2002           Body Geometrics: Brooches,12 Artists Fund Raiser At Sofa, Chicago ForSNAG, USA

                    Life Boats For Cerf, SOFA, Chicago, IL ,USA

                    Other Materials/Other Forms:Exploring Contemporary Basketry, Brookfield Craft Center, CT, USA

                    Small Wonders: Aromatic, Adornments, Amulets, & Objects Of Art, Annette Green Museum, 

                    The Fragrance Foundation, New York, NY, USA

2001            Gift In A Box, Art Center-The Korean Culture & Arts Foundation, Seoul, Korea

                    Well Armed, Objects Of Desire, Louisville, KY, USA

                    If The Shoe Fits, Oxoxo, Baltimore, MD, USA

                    Tiaras Will Be Worn, Velvet da Vinci, San Francisco, CA, USA

                    2 Artists, Obsidian Gallery, Tucson, AZ, USA

2000           New Talent In Craft, TheWustumMuseum, Racine, WI, USA

                    Concordance/Aka:92, The Bruce Museum, Edinboro, PA, USA

                    Organic Structures, Sienna Gallery, Lenox, MA, USA

1999            10@2000, Objects Of Desire, Louisville, KY, USA

                    Aka:92, Works Gallery,  New York,  NY, USA

                    Icons Of The 20th Century, Nancy Sachs Gallery, St. Louis, MO, USA 

1998            Wired, OxoxoGallery, Baltimore, MD, USA 

1997            Best Of AmericanCraftsman-Group, Stones Gallery,  San Francisco, CA, USA 

                    Environmental Bead, Brookfield Craft Center, Brookfield, CT (Travel)USA

                    Snag Link,  Snag Conference, Washington, DC, USA

1996            Treasures, Kohler Art Center, Sheboygan, WI, USA

                    ContemporaryLights: A Celebration Of Chanukah, The Margolis Gallery, Houston, TX, USA

                    Structure And Geometry, Nancy Sachs Gallery, St. Louis, MO, USA

                    3 Artists, The Hand And The Spirit, Scottsdale, AZ, USA

1995            Two Artists, Obsidian Gallery, Tucson, AZ, USA

                    To See Or Not To See, Nancy Sachs Gallery,  St. Louis, MO, USA

1994            Containers For Memory, (2 Artists) Objects Of Desire, Louisville, KY, USA

                    3 Voices, The Modern Object, Columbus, OH, USA

                    Invitational Valentine Show, Sheila Nussbaum Gallery, Millburn, NJ, USA

1993            Treasures, Kohler Art Center, Sheboygan, WI, USA

                    8 WomenMetalArtists, Gallery I/O, New Orleans, LA, USA

1992            African Influence In Cont

                    Emporary Crafts, American Craft Museum, New York, NY , USA  



2018            “ LOUD AND CLEAR: Voices of the Empire State. “ NYJW2018, NY   co-curaor Marjorie Simon

2016            “Shadow Themes ”, The Gallery at Reinstein Ross, New York, NY, USA

2002            Exhibition in Print for SNAG


Published Articles

2016            "schmuck magazine", vol 1/16 p.107

2016            “Interview with Marjorie Simon”, Art Jewelry Forum, Olivia Shih  9/28/16

2016            "SCHMUCK 2016", p.62 

2016            “Interview”, Art Jewelry Forum, Olivia Shih,


2015            "Schmuck im Focus Zurich", Design Handwerk Gestaltung inform, Bruna Hauert. mai/jui 2015, p.31

2015            "American Society of Jewelry Historians", Newsletter Vol 29 No 2 Fall 2015 Cover

2014            "Interview", Art Jewelry Forum, Susan Cummins, July/

2014            "Look", Metalsmith Magazine, Marjorie Simon, Vol 34 No 2 p.20 

2013            "Brillance", American Craft Magazine, Vol 73 No 5 p.58,59

2012            "Look", Metalsmith Magazine, Biba Schutz, Vol 32 No1, p.

2009           "Metalsmiths against war", Metalsmith Magazine, Marjorie Simon, Vol 29 No1, p 35, 40 

2007            "Haunting Beauties",Ornament Magazine,Robin Updike , Vol 30 no 3 p.48-51

2005            American Style Magazine, December

2004            Lapidary Journal/ December 

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2000            "Biba Schutz/Open Spaces of Jewelry's Experience",Metalsmith Magazine,Tacey Rosolowski-Vol 21no1cover, p.14-22 

1997              "Exhibition In/Print-Studio Multiples",Metalsmith Magazine, Donald Friedlich & Bruce MetcalfVol.17 no 3, p.14



2018             New Brooches, Nicolas Estrada & Ramon Puig Cuyas, Prompress

2016             Twelve Voices: International Jewelry Invitational, The Bender Glass Gallery, Asheville, NC

2015             The Jeweler's Journey (from the bench to the body and beyond), Peter's Valley, NJ,p. 

2015             New Necklaces, Nicolas Estrada, Thames & Hudson, London

2013             New Earrings:500+ Designs from Around the World, Nicolas Estrada, Thames & Hudson, London

2012             Paper Jewellery, Sarah Kelley, A+C Black, London, p.102

2011              New Rings, Nicolas Estrada, Thames & Hudson, London, p. 32,212

2011              21st Century Jewelry, Martha LeVan, Lark Books, NY, p.292

2011              Transformation:Society of Arts & Crafts,Pittsburgh, cover, p.57

2010             Celebrating 70, Facere Gallery, Seattle, p.

2008            The Compendium Finale Of Contemporary Jewellers, Darling, Cologne ,p.vol2,p.1901,1902

2008            500 Pendants, Curator Elizabeth Sheppartt and Mike Holmes for Lark Books, NY, p.5,196, 236

2007            500 Earrings, Curator Alan Revere for Lark Books, NY, p282, 401

2006            500 Necklaces, Curator Marjorie Schick for Lark Books, NY, p.247

2006            500 Baskets, Curator Jan Peters for Lark Books, NY, p.136, 261

2005            500 Brooches, Curator Marjorie Simon for Lark Books, NY p.30, 11

2005            500 Bracelets, Curator Charon Kransen for Lark Books, NY, p.107

2005            The Art Of Bead Work by Valerie Hector, Watson-Guptill, NY, 

2004            1000 Rings, Curator Bob Ebendorf for Lark Books, NY, p.76, 276

2001             Secrets Of Aromatic Jewelry, Annette Green & Lynda Dyett, Flammarion, France p.14,15 


Art Fairs

2015-2016             "Fog Art + Design Fair", SF,CA.,  Sienna Patti Contemporary, Lenox, MA, USA

2013-2018     "Collective", NYC, Sienna Gallery, Lenox, MA, USA

2010-2015             "Sofa", Chicago Il., Pistachio Gallery, Chicago, Il, USA 

2009                      "Sofa", New York, NY., Sienna Gallery, Lenox, MA, USA

2007                      "Sofa", New York, NY., Sienna Gallery, Lenox, MA, USA

2000-2006           "Sofa", Chicago Il,,  Charon Kransen Arts, New York, NY, USA 

1998-2006            "Sofa", New York, NY,, Charon Kransen Arts, New York, NY, USA

1999-2006            "20th Century Int'l Art Fair", NY.,  Charon Kransen Arts, New York, NY, USA

1995-1999             "Sofa", Chicago, Gallery I/O, NOLA, LA, USA  


Exhibiting Craft Fairs

Smithsonian Craft Show, USA

Philadelphia Museum Craft Show, USA 

American Craft Exposition Craft Show, USA

Craft Boston, USA

American Craft Council Shows, USA

Origin-London, UK 


Awards And Honors

2018              Awards of excellence in Jewelry, Smithsonian Crraft Show, Washington, DC

2017             “By Hand”, Blue Line Arts Center, Roseville, CA  2nd place

2016             "Schmuck 2016", International Handwerksmesse München, Munich, Germany

                     "Best of Jewelry", Philadelphia Museum of Art & Craft Show, Philadelphia PA

                     "Award of Excellence", American Crafts Council San Francisco, C

2015             “Best of Glass Show”, juror Maureen Littleman, Workhouse Art Center, Lorton, VA

2012-2015    Editorial Advisory Committee for Metalsmith Magazine , USA

2013             Best of Metals, Eric Berg Award, Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft, Philadelphia, PA, USA

2012             Show directors Award, American Craft Exposition, Evanston, IL, USA

2010             Best of Show, Craft Boston, MA, USA

2009            Award of Excellence in Jewelry, Smithsonian Craft Show, Washington, DC, USA

2008            Best of Jewelry, Craft Boston, Boston, MA, USA

2008            Award Of Excellence, American Craft Council, Baltimore, MD, USA

2007            The Adrianne Farelli Prize, Philadelphia Museum Art Craft Fair, Philadelphia, PA, USA

2006            Advisor for Snag Professional Practice Guidelines, USA 

2010             Program Advisory Committee for Snag Conference, USA


Artist Residency

2014             The Studio at Corning Museum of Glass, Corning, NY, USA 


Lectures, Presentations, Visiting Artists Residencies, Workshops

2018            Colorado Metalsmithing Assosiation Annual Conference, Presentation & demonstration, Salida

2017            IED Milan, Italy, Senior Weekend Session

2016            Penland School of Craft, NC , “One is not Enough” Penland, NC, August Session

2016            Presenter SNAG Conference, Asheville,NC

2015            Corning Museum of Glass, NY presentation

2015            Corning Museum of Glass, NY March Residency

2015            Brooklyn Metal Works, NY  presentation

2014            Rhode Island School of Design, senior Crit

2012            School at the Museum of Fine Arts Boston, MA presentation

2012            Rhode Island School of Design, RI Presentation

2012            UT El Paseo, senior criticism  NM   senior criticism 


Public Collections

Corning Museum of Glass, Corning, NY, USA

Museum Of Fine Arts, Boston, MA, USA

Newark Museum, Newark, NJ, USA

Racine Art Museum, Racine, WI, USA

Renwick Gallery Of The Smithsonian American Art Museum, Washington, DC, USA

Rotasa Foundation, Mill Valley, CA, USA


Professional Organizations

American Craft Council

Art Jewelry Forum

Ethical Metalsmiths

Society Of North American Goldsmiths

Textile Study Group Of New York


Biba Schutz currently lives and works in New York City, USA